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Steel gates and window grills

Our wrought iron steel gates are made to order with secure design for your or your communitys specific requirements.

Examples of our wide range of steel gates including garden gates, single gates, archway gates, double gates, electric automated gates, sheet metal gates, quadrupel gates and more.

All gates are hand made out of mild steel imported from Italy. There is a variety of colours and finishes available from matt, satin, gloss or hammerite. We undercoat and topcoat all our products to give a quality look and feel.

Driveway and entrance gates

Main entrances are the door to your home or community wich offer protection, privacy and beauty for home or community. We can design and install customized gates with your security needs for your home or business.

Scissor gates and much more

We supply scissor gates which are ideal for almost anywere you would need securing. They fold away and out of the way very compactly and are easy to maintain.

Scissor gates are powdercoated and come in a wide range of colours.

Normally we charge €35 + VAT for one or several gates.
Larger quantities may be charged at a higher rate.
This is very important to prevent your Gates being compromised having spent a lot of money having them installed. Many local fabricators will be able to make you a gate, but they do not necessarily undrstand how thieves work and how they can attack gates to break through them.
We a re a Licensed Secured by Design company working with the Police and Insurance Companies and have been in the Physical Security business for nearly 20 years, so we make sure that our Gate Designs are as secure and impenetrable as they can be.
So buying one of our gates can give you the confidence that your Gates will work as well as they can for you and your Scheme, making sure that you spend your money wisely.
Any Steel product will rust if not Galvanised. Once Steel starts to rust it is extremely difficult if not impossible to stop, hence the appearance of both the Gate and the Local Area will be affected.

The Balmoral Alleygate is Electro-Galvanised after manufacture. The Victorian Alleygate is Hot Dipped Galvanised after manufacture - an expensive process but necessary for steel fitted externally. They are then Epoxy powder coated to provide a more durable finish to powder coating, to look good for years to come, as well as keeping the area looking smart.
The other important feature of an Alleygate is to eliminate any climbing points hence our Lockcase is built into the frame of the gate, and we use vertical bars without cross members.
The Victorian Alleygate has fully adjustable hinges for ease of Maintenance.
We would normally recommend a height of 2.3 to 2.4 metres overall to help prevent anybody climbing over an Alleygate. This is the height of the Victorian Alleygate.
However, if your Local Council want it reducing in height, then we can make it to any height, for no extra cost.

The Balmoral Alleygate fitted for the Metropolitan Police in London from 1995 onwards, was specified by the Council as 2100 mm overall height to the top of the spikes. This height has remained.

If your not sure where to start in setting up an Alleygate Scheme then contact our Alleygate Co-oridinator, Stuart Yeo, who should be able to point you in the right direction.
If on the other hand you have got to the stage where you are looking to buy the Hardware then in the first instance take some digital pictures of each opening together with some measurements and email them Stuart Yeo at

We will then be able to advise you and offer a Quotation for your particular requirements.
We can also offer advice on installation of the gates and a price for installation if you do not have somebody locally who can install them for you.

Prior to manufacture we will carry out a full site survey and iron out any problems that you may have then.



HomeServicesAboutProductsPhoto GalleryTestimonials